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Happy Sailor Tattoo.

Happy Sailor is the pink shop in Shoreditch where you can get tattooed and pierced; find T-Shirts, Jewellery, Mugs and other booty, essential to Pirates of our time.

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Happy Sailor was established in 1999 by Captain Barry Hogarth and moored in Hackney for almost a decade under his reign.

He invited on board and tattooed a huge number of sailors, including famous singers, actors and street artists.

Just over a decade ago Captain Barry weighed anchor and set sail for the warmer climate of Penzance in Cornwall handing down his H.S. captaincy to Tota and James.

Barry and Tota went back a long way, when tattooing was in its infancy...
She remembers the long hours of tattooing Barry's flesh, both young and barnacle free with barely a mark on their virgin skins.

Old Captain and new captains shook hands with the promise to keep in touch and uphold the good name of of The Happy Sailor.

And so a new adventure began...