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Established 1999

Traditional Tattoo Experience 


Claudia trash, born in Naples by an octopus mother and a pirate dad living in a cave under the Vesuvius, was a very quick witted, sharped tongued and even sharper with blades pirate, who established for herself a solid reputation amongst the riff raff…
Her traditional approach to piracy gained her scores of followers, she marked them in ink to pledge their loyalty to her. The Mediterranean was getting too tight for this young and passionate captain and she set her sails towards Blighty, ink guns in hand and her ferocious dog Nino the Bone, faithful and protector of his Mistress.
She moored in London in various colourful spots but in the end joined Tota’s Happy Sailor debauched crew.
The two captains crossed swords and threw a party the size of Madagascar, that lasted 2 weeks and had several casualties…more self inflicted than covid related..Together they chopped arms and had laughs…and the ship sails on…