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Established 1999

Traditional Tattoo Experience 


Captain ‘White Gold Teeth’ James was born in the shadow of the Toon in 1969 AD. He spent his teenage years making artificial limbs for cyber pirates but his thirst for adventure took him to Antwerp, where he was part of the infamous ‘Wildcat’ gang, as a master of blades and cutter extraordinaire. There he owned his vessel, the ‘St Geordie’s Revenge’, terror of the river ships, but unfortunately it run aground and suffered severe damage. Finally disguised as a Queen’s privateer and grown tired of french fries and frogs legs, he headed home, accompanied by his faithful three legged dog Lemmy and took over the ‘Happy Sailor’ Galleon after a fierce duel with his former Captain Barry ‘Left hook’ H. It is rumoured that James, before each tattoo he performs, drinks gunpowder mixed with his orange drink, sitting on a chair made of human skin, embroidered with hair from his enemies’ backs. And it is also whispered that he lost his right blue eye in a mysterious accident during one of his late nights of ferocious debauchery… but nobody has ever dared to look at him and hold his terrifying gaze…