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Thai Tattoo Uk

Below, Thai Tattoo UK website which you can explore here on this page, to find out more about Thai tattoos and dates available to book. Also, there is a contact form page to fill in to book or get more information. If you want to email direct, you can at contact@thaitattooyant.com

Master Ajarn Ohr

Master Ajarn Ohr, from¬†Thai Tattoo Yant, specialises in Thai Sakyants. He tattoos, by hand, Thai religious designs. Every tattoo is done as a ritual; it starts with an offer, a prayer, hand tattoos and ends with a blessing. Master Ohr has a great number of followers and disciples. For his first time abroad he came to Happy Sailor in June. He’s planning more visits as there is a very big request for his magic tattooing. For any enquirers, please contact the shop.