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Damsel Maria Vittoria, in this century known as Tota, was born to the noble lineage of The Great Plain of Northern Italy. The great foggy plain, roaming place of the notorious brigades of wop pirates and river witches who hold the secrets of the long foggy nights… At tender age she rebelled against the duties of her status and joined a ship in the far away lands of Othertime… This terrible ghost vessel, encountered by the misfortunate in debauched, drunken and rickety nights, was the scurge of the open sea. Soon tired of the limited sea at her disposal and having by then built for herself a egregious reputation amongst Mediterranean piracy, this captain of venture decided to expand her horizons and migrate to Albion’s land to join the terrible armada of Northern Pirates. Second to none and preceded by her ruthless nefariousness, Captain Tota triumphed amongst over various compeers in this new bunch of renegades. Punkpiracy respected her and welcomed her immediately aboard its vessels. The Cybersadopredators of the sea regarded her almost as a Goddess. The Gay Corsairs never spoke ill of her name and granted her their deepest respect and so too did all the other gangs who lived in the shadow of the Jolly Roger. Today her name is legend. Absolute Master of herself, she professes her creed of freedom and independence in a daredevil and irreverent way… as only a pirate of her rank allows.